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pine & fir organic shampoo 8oz

pine & fir organic shampoo 8oz


Quick Overview

Pine & Fir Deliciously Deodorizing shampoo gently cleans the dirtiest and stinkiest of dogs! Organic pine and lime deodorize, and niaouli fights odour causing bacteria. Remember, dogs lick their coats, so it's important to wash away dirt and toxins for a happy, healthy pet. Our shampoos are mild enough to use often.

For all skin and coat types. Your dog doesn't need to be a big stinker to enjoy this wonderfully popular blend reminiscent of our spectacular West Coast forests.

Smells like:
A Pacific Northwest rain forest, camping, hiking.

Use it for:
Dogs who love a good roll in stinky things. Or just because you love the smell of the forest as much as we do.

Coconut oil* - makes for a thoroughly cleansing soap
Olive oil* - lends an incomparable gentlenss
Sunflower oil* - lends an incomparable gentleness
Shea butter* - for a soft coat
Aloe vera* - for healthy skin
Glycerin - is moisturizing
Guar gum - a thickener
Citric acid - a thickener and pH balancer
Rosemary extract - a preservative
Pine essential oil* - deodorizing, anti-bacterial
Lime essential oil* - balances oily skin
Fir essential oil* - deodorizing, anti-inflammatory
Niaouli essential oil* - balances oily skin, anti-bacterial

*Certified organic



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