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lemongrass & mint organic off leash spray 4oz

lemongrass & mint organic off leash spray 4oz


Quick Overview

Camping and hiking in the woods is great fun, and even better when bugs aren't biting. Natural ingredients are always the best choice for good health, especially when it comes to bug spray, as most dogs lick their coats.

Black Sheep Organics Lemongrass & Mint Off Leash Spray with organic essential oils naturally repels fleas, flies, mosquitos and ticks, is gentle to sensitive skin, and it's safe to lick! Not tested on animals, contains no animal products, and is bio-degradable.

Pair it up with Black Sheep Organics Lemongrass and Mint Shampoo for worry free, off-leash fun!

Smells like:
Walking in the garden through a mint patch, drinking apple cider on a summers day.

Use it for:
Anytime your dog is going out to enjoy some off-leash fun, whether it's hiking, going to the dog park, dog daycare, or over-night stays. You can even use it on yourself too, we do!

Filtered water
Alcohol - carrier for essential oils
Vegetable glycerin* - moisturizers
Sulfated castor oil - to allow oils to blend with water
Grapefruit seed extract - preservative
Cedar essential oil* - antiseptic
Cypress essential oil* - calming, anti-bacterial, beneficial for off-leash fun
Eucalyptus essential oil* - anti-inflammatory, beneficial for off-leash fun
Lemongrass essential oil* - calming, beneficial for off-leash fun
Peppermint essential oil* - beneficial for off-leash fun

*Certified organic



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