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oregapet toothpaste - 60 mL

oregapet toothpaste - 60 mL


Quick Overview

OregaPet® Toothpaste with oil of oregano is a natural, effective way to maintain your pet’s oral hygiene, but you have to brush!  The toothepaste is there to stop the dental issues before they start! In actual fact, if time is an issue, finger application to teeth and gums before bedtime is an option. Formulated with peppermint oil and stevia, for a mild pleasant taste.

OregaPet® is brought to you by Joy of the Mountains, a local BC family business known for their award-winning Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano, since 2001.


  • fluoride free
  • chlorella and peppermint help kill bad breath bacteria and freshen breath
  • sweetened with stevia
  • no rinsing neccesary 


  • olive oil, fumed silca, oregano oil, polysorbate 80, sodium bicarbonate, peppermint oil, stevia powder, chlorelle powder

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