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bantha costume SOLD OUT

bantha costume SOLD OUT


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This Bantha pet costume transforms your pooch into a perfect little bantha mount for adventurous little Sand People. Of course, your dog may not be as well suited to the desert sands of Tatooine, so you may have to just let the little Tusken Raider practice riding him in the living room, or in your yard, but any kind of practice is good for him!


  • 100% polyester brushed knit flannel fabric & fiberfill stuffing
  • Jacket shaped like a saddle w/ Velcro straps around dog's chest & abdomen
  • Stuffed 13" tall Tusken Raider doll attached to back of saddle
  • Brown cord "reins" go from doll's hands to back of hood
  • Hood has Velcro chin strap, stuffed horns on sides

one size only - fits: chest girth 30-34"


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